If you give the teens a Tardis…


They are going to take lots of selfies!

We now have a Tardis in the teen department. It was a personal purchase because well… I wanted one! I tend to do a lot of Doctor Who programming so having a Tardis in the department made sense. Plus, it allows for lots of hilarious moments like this. These two spent over an hour posing with it and laughing. We had a great conversation about Doctors, Companions, Villains, and Spoilers. It is becoming our department mascot!

What do you have in your department?


2 thoughts on “If you give the teens a Tardis…

  1. I just put up a poster with Ten’s fabulous quote about books on the end of the stacks. My teen room is rather small though, with only some seating, computers, and a gaming system, and next to zero wall space. There’s an Insurgent poster in there though.


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